//Journal Prompts// 08-02-2022

What are you grateful for?

What are you proud of?

Is there something you want to accomplish today?

I have accomplished so much already.

It is a new month already. February has greeted us - or me at least - with a storm. Maybe that first month of the year was not the kindest to you or maybe something life changing occurred that has brought your whole year upside down. Whatever it is, let's just focus on the here and now and grab our journal, and maybe take a breath.

I have brought a theme into the month of February, can you guess it?

Yes, Love. But most importantly self-love.

I am a romantic so finding time to love others is one of the things I find easy, but sometimes when we show love to others or even the things around us, we become so wrapped up, we forget to focus on ourselves.

So let us take this month for ourselves.

Start simple. I would always say start simple.

What are you grateful for?

This could be anything for the cake you had for dessert to the comfy shoes that mean your feet do not hurt. Gratitude always brings us into the moment and begins the process of enjoying where we are in our life and finding things that bring us happiness and the little pieces of joy that we find.

What are you proud of?

Preferably something that you have done, but if someone in your life has done something that you are proud of, there is still pride there. We are allowed to be proud. I know as a woman people have never told me that I am allowed to be proud. Maybe as a child, but as an adult, we get told less and less. If you learn to drive or you clean your kitchen you should have a sense of pride, because whether people acknowledge it or not, you should be proud.

Is there something you can accomplish today?

What is a small thing you have been putting off? What is something that you want to get done today, but you can’t seem to get up and go? What is something that will fill you with a little pride that you got it done today?

Our affirmation is

I have accomplished so much today.

You got out of bed. You opened a book and began writing. And you drank a glass of water. You may have accomplished more or less than the day before, but it does not matter, because you accomplished something.

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