Journal prompts // 24 - 01 - 2022 // Remind yourself it is okay to take time for your self.

How are you feeling?

How do you relieve tension?

How do you energise yourself?

‘I don’t rush through life. My time is just as valuable as other peoples'.’

I have a particular type of person in this world that this is meant for. Where are my lovely, but exhausted people-pleases? They are out there and I know that they are needing a break. Now a lot of the time, getting a way for these people is a great escape from responsibility, nevertheless it usually means these individuals will work till they burn out. So please sit down and grab a journal.

How are you feeling? I want to say it is my favourite prompt, because it brings you to the here and now. Nevertheless, probably one of my least favourite, because it is the most scary thing to sometimes admit how you are feeling, rather than hiding behind the phrase ‘i am fine’. However, the honest answer can allow you to let go of so much. We hide behind the phrase and journaling is about peeling back what is burdening us so we can become stronger. If the phrase still scares you, I would encourage you to stay as light as possible and maybe when you are ready go deeper.

How do you relieve tension? I promise that is not an innuendo, unless it is and if that works for you then go ahead and same. Moreover, I am thinking of setting time for yourself to relax, that could be socialising, or having a bath, giving yourself a pamper or reading a book. Personally, I escape into books and also I have my own yoga practice. Nevertheless, whatever it is, take it and actually do it. Set time for it. Whether that be 10 minutes in the evenings or a day on the weekend, when we find what is our way to let go and relax, it can be easier to actually go get it done. So go to a life drawing class, or maybe workout. Whatever it is, it works for you so don’t worry if you should be doing something else in that 10 minutes or half an hour.

How do you energise yourself? No, I do not mean coffee otherwise this would be an easier answer for myself. I mean what gets you up and going for your day. (Coffee could be the answer, if you really like your coffee.) This could be a future goal for maybe financial freedom or to gain a social platform. Those are completely viable answers. Nevertheless, if we delve deeper we may find it is more. It could be a person, a place, a dream, it could be the fact that you love the sunrise or breakfast. What is the thing that gets you out of bed? I delve even deeper, what makes life worth living? So if you are living to please others, maybe you should question what it really is that gets you up in the morning. People’s approval should not even be on the list. I know it is hard to answer, but remember to start somewhere simple. Majority the reason I get out of bed is because I think of a delicious breakfast I could make and then have a determination to make it.

Finally this affirmation, ‘I don’t rush through life. My time is just as valuable as other peoples'. This is actually a twist of one I found and I didn’t like it because it wasn’t what I needed or what others needed. The original said ‘other’s time is just as important as mine’, but although kind, I believe it wasn't being fair on ourselves. Especially for my people pleases out there, it was the opposite of what they needed. So instead my thoughts, bring your own understanding into and I will leave you to journal.


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